Clayton M. Christensen

Clayton M. Christensen

“When visionary executives and technologists do see the disruption coming, they frame it as a threat, seeing that their companies could be imperiled if these technologies succeed. This framing as a threat rather than an opportunity is what elicits a resource commitment from the established firms to address the technology. But because they instinctively define the disruption as a threat, they focus on being able to protect their customers and their current business. They want to be there with the new technology ready when they must switch to it in order to protect their current customers. This causes the organization to pursue a strategy that not only misses the growth opportunity but also leads to its eventual destruction – because the disruptors who take root in nonconsumption eventually kill them. This just means, however, that established firms must reposition themselves on the other side of the dilemma, at the appropriate time.”

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