Charlie Munger

Three Rules for a Career by Charlie Munger

Since your academic structure by and large, doesn’t encourage minds jumping  jurisdictional boundaries, you’re at a disadvantage because, in that one sense, even  though academia’s very useful to you, you’ve been mistaught. So if our professors won’t give you an appropriate multidisciplinary approach –  if each wants to overuse his own models and under use the important models in other  disciplines – you can correct that folly yourself. You can reach out and grasp the model that better solves the  overall problem. All you have to do is know it and develop the right mental habits. And it’s kind of fun to sit there and out think people who are way smarter than  you are because you’ve trained yourself to be more objective and multidisciplinary…. Furthermore, there’s a lot of money in it – as I can testify from my own personal  experience.

1.  Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy yourself

2.  Don’t work for anyone you don’t respect

3.  Work only with people you enjoy

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