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Warren Buffett-Berkshire Hathaway’s Philosophy

Warren Buffett-Berkshire Hathaway’s Philosophy The Warren Buffett Philosophy of Investment’s he looks at the man in full to piece together the framework leading to his unmatched wealth-generating prowess. The cornerstone of her study goes beyond investment theory to show Buffett’s core wealth drivers are his philosophies behind Berkshire Hathaway. Please follow and like us:0

warren buffett

Buffett Partnership Letter, January 24, 1962

“These are securities whose financial results depend on corporate action rather than supply and demand factors created by buyers and sellers of securities. In other words, they are securities with a timetable where we can predict, within reasonable error limits, when we will get how much and what might upset the applecart. Corporate events such […]

warren buffett

Warren Buffett on Economic Moats

“The most important thing to me is figuring out how big a moat there is around the business. What I love, of course, is a big castle and a big moat with piranhas and crocodiles.” ― Warren Buffett “What we refer to as a “moat” is what other people might call competitive advantage . . . […]

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