Investing In A Fast-Changing World

Investing In A Fast-Changing World “There are tremendous changes underway on this earth, with environmental concerns, and new technologies. I would say if you want to invest in the (mining) space find one of those things that you’re interested in, whatever it might be, and use that as your guide for finding the basic material […]

Richard Feynman

Investment Secrets of Richard Feynman

It is, of course, irritating that extra care in thinking is not all good but actually introduces extra error. But most good things have undesired “side effects,” and thinking is no exception. The best defense is that of the best physicists, who systematically criticize themselves to an extreme degree, using a mindset described by Nobel […]


Charlie Munger

The game of investing is one of making better predictions about the future than other people.  How are you going to do that?  One way is to limit your tries to areas of competence.  If you try to predict the future of everything, you attempt too much.  You’re going to fail through lack of specialization. Please […]



In investing, it’s often too late to wait till the picture is complete. It will be obvious to everyone else by that point too. To get an edge, start coloring earlier than other people, collect more “dots” than other people, and invest when the picture is 80% filled in and you’re confident in the final outcome […]


Charlie Munger on Mistakes

Biggest mistakes Munger: “The most extreme mistakes in Berkshire’s history have been mistakes of omission. We saw it, but didn’t act on it. They’re huge mistakes — we’ve lost billions. And we keep doing it. We’re getting better at it. We never get over it.” “There are two types of mistakes: 1) doing nothing; what […]

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