Joel Greenblatt

Business and Investing Lessons From Joel Greenblatt

For a value investor, value is determined using methods that produce a fuzzy but very important benchmark, which is called “intrinsic value.”- Joel Greenblatt “One of the greatest stock market writers and thinkers, Benjamin Graham, put it this way.  Imagine that you are partners in the ownership of a business with a crazy guy named Mr. […]

Adam Smith

Back to Basics I: Adam Smith

The idea of a higher standard for professionals is not new. So, let’s go back in history to learn from the wisdom of our predecessors. We will start in 1759 with Adam Smith, then on to 1949 and Benjamin Graham, and finally, if you will, to the investment philosophy that I have developed during my […]

Global Investment
Charlie Munger

What Li Lu learned from Charlie Munger

What Li Lu learned from Charlie Munger “When Charlie thinks, he always Starts by inverting. To understand how to be happy in life, Charlie will study how to make life miserable. To examine how businesses become big, strong and successful, Charlie first studies who businesses decline and fall. When most people care only about how […]



The world’s best investors are special in many ways and it’s difficult to count all of their skills and abilities. They are also not all the same and each one of these individuals has his own peculiarities. However, there are a few traits common to all of these finance experts and we will explain them […]

circle of competence
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Developing a Circle of Competence

A giant learning machine A circle of competence is not a static idea. It is a continually evolving process. It needs to be nurtured, fed and grown to adapt to the changing market environment and different processes and catalysts that are out there shaping the business environment. You could even argue that a circle of […]

investment process

John Huber

John Huber on his investment process stop trying to read everything under the sun and get out there and actually start investing—start valuing companies, make investments, learn, repeat, etc…Whether you’re playing the piano, hitting a sand wedge, shooting a jump shot, riding a bike, or even driving a car—the way you learned was through repetition. […]

Market Model

Cheung’s Market Mood Model

There are six phases of market mood in Cheung’s model: Normal— This is the base-building or consolidation phase where fundamentals are poor but stabilizing. Value investors are showing interest. Hypomania— Favorable news shocks hit the market, and prices break higher out of consolidation. Speculators, focused on short-term gains, begin buying. As the market continues higher, […]