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Invest In Stocks For The Long Run

Investing in equities may seem abstract.  To many people, the stock market is little more than a giant casino for ‘financial types’. Broad-based index funds can intensify the ‘casino feel’, because one doesn’t have a connection to what they are investing in.  “The single greatest edge an investor can have is a long-term orientation” – Seth […]

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Don’t Time The Market

“The stock market is a giant distraction to the business of investing.” Whether the market is efficient or inefficient doesn’t matter as long as you get costs out of the way, invest for the long term, and pay no attention to the foolishness that goes on in the short term in the stock market. In […]


Joel Greenblatt

“We start with some good news about your education: simply put, if your goal is to beat the market, an MBA or a PhD from a top business school will be of virtually no help.  Well, it’s good news, that is, if you haven’t squandered tons of money and time at a business school in the single-minded quest for stock […]

Warren Buffett and Stock Market
warren buffett

Warren Buffett and Stock Market

As such, a stock price decline must imply the outlook is deteriorating, and vice versa. But stock prices move for all sorts of reasons, and many of them are unrelated to business fundamentals. And humans are emotional, they often over-react; psychological biases mean they often do the wrong thing at the wrong time. Consequently, stock prices […]

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Business and Investing Lessons from Lou Simpson

“Portrait of a Disciplined Investor,”- Business and Investing  “Investors are going to make out a whole lot better if their whole emphasis is on owning businesses.” “Even the world’s greatest business is not a good investment, if the price is too high.”  “When you ask whether someone is a value or growth investor – they’re […]

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