Keynesian Approach
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Keynesian Approach

The “Keynesian” approach places far less emphasis on the “adjustment” nature of investment. Instead, they have a more “behavioral” take on the investment decision. Namely, the Keynesian approach argues that investment is simply what capitalists “do”. Every period, workers consume and capitalists “invest” as a matter of course. This leads Keynesians to underplay the capital stock decision. This does not mean that Keynesians ignore the fact that investment is defined as a change in capital stock. Rather, they believe that the main decision is the investment decision; the capital stock just “follows” from the investment patterns rather than being an important thing that needs to be “optimally” decided upon beforehand. Thus, when businesses make investment decisions, they do not have an “optimal capital stock” in the back of their mind. They are more concerned as to what is the optimal amount of investment for some particular period. For Keynesians, then, optimal investment not about “optimal adjustment” but rather about “optimal behavior”.

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