Retained Earnings
warren buffett

Retained Earnings: Warren Buffett’s Secret

One of the most important indicators of durable competitive advantage. Net earnings can be paid out as dividends, used to buy back shares or retained for growth.If the company loses more than it has accumulated, retained earnings is negative.If a company isn’t adding to its retained earnings, it isn’t growing its net worth.Rate of growth […]

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci: How to See the World Like Nobody Else

When the word “Renaissance” is spoken, no one comes to mind faster than da Vinci. Not only was he the embodiment of an artist, but he was also a prolific inventor who contributed to everything from architecture and music to anatomy and geometry. He simply watched, noted, and contextualized things as he saw fit. It wasn’t like […]

The Four Filters
Charlie Munger

The Four Filters For Develop An Understanding Of The Business

Warren Buffett said it perfectly. “Seek whatever information will further your understanding of the business.” Charlie is a huge proponent of developing checklists to help him make better decisions, for each company, he develops a checklist to keep him on track The Four Filters For Develop An Understanding of The Business. The reason for a […]