Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci

Isaacson was drawn to Da Vinci as the ultimate example of the main thematic of his previous biographies, many of which, coincidentally are heroes of Charlie Munger – Einstein, Lincoln and Newton. Isaacson describes that thematic as “How the ability to make connections across disciplines – arts and sciences, humanities and technology – is a key to innovation, imagination, and genius.


Leonardo constantly asked why, why, why? He had a child-like sense of wonder. He sought knowledge from others and delved incredibly deeply into subjects and experiments in a quest to find answers. Whether it was answers to the body and movement of water, the mechanics of the human heart and body, the motion of the planets or to discover why birds fly, or how the human eye perceives light and distant images, or why fossils are found on mountains, his quest for knowledge was extraordinary.

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